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The Neurocognitive pedagogical profiling

Brain Core Education is a tool designed for schools. It is capable of making diagnoses identifying a student’s cognitive imprint.


Brain Core Education is a tool designed for schools. It is capable of making diagnoses identifying a student’s cognitive imprint. With its basis in the latest neuroscience research, Brain Core Education identifies the strategies of processes that transfer knowledge towards memory areas. Thereafter, it designs a method allowing the educator to adapt his/her teaching in accordance with needs of each student.

As such, Brain Core Education respects the cognitive specificities of each student and suggests intervention methods for an individual or for a “classroom” type group. It also provides pedagogical tools in the form of informational sheets describing coaching or methodological techniques.

The school and centers using Brain Core Education enhance their pedagogy through personalization of teaching approaches. They manage the students’ educational pathways in project mode. This fosters a growth of individual potential that is both effective and respectful of personal learning paces.

Trainings and certifications

The BrainCore Education platform includes several levels of potential uses. In its basic version, the software provides a comprehensive report on each student that can be directly accessed by the teacher. However, the use of the indicators and the toolboxes requires training in the field of cognitive pedagogy to ensure an application that is respectful of the philosophy behind this analysis process.

Indicators and evaluations

The Brain Core Education Indicators

The Brain Core matrix provides valuable data extracted from its neural basis of calculation. It aims at facilitating the teacher’s decision-making process in terms of establishing the set of priorities followed in teaching activities. The Brain Core Education indicators offer a rapid and comprehensive assessment of the strong and weak points of every individual. The “classroom” view also provides an indicator concerning the participation level of the actors present.

  • Balance of the cognitive transfer potential
  • Levels of creativity and logic
  • Class cognitive profiles
  • Degree of intensity according to the required teaching efforts


1. Eight identified cognitive profiles

  • Positioning of coaching axes
  • Assessment of specific needs
  • Customized solutions

2. Urgent actions

  • Priority selection of actions to conduct
  • Categorization of interventions

3. Differentiated approach

  • Class or Individual Mode


Brain Core Education features powerful algorithms that are capable of automatically designing teaching outlines according to a class’s or to an individual’s specific needs.

  • Automatic creation of primary teaching outlines
  • Evaluation of the results achieved by the teaching outlines
  • Assisted definition of class or individual objectives
  • Measurement of progressions
  • Classification of the efficiency of outlines

Network of partner schools

Interdisciplinary team

Brain Core Education is more than just simple software; it is slowly becoming a skills exchange network via its R&D platform. We have decided to permit willing establishments to communicate their needs and discuss problems encountered—all of this in an “encyclopedic” way of thinking whose primary vocation is to foster the well-reasoned progress of humanity. The R&D platform places teachers in touch with one another and generates interaction between Brain Core’s R&D and the objective reality of day-to-day concerns. Thus, everyone can actively participate in the creation of new pedagogical approaches, request the testing of certain outlines, or share personal research within a setting that respects the intellectual ownership of the participants. This approach holds vast potential for personal development on all levels:

  • Optimized evaluation of pedagogical solutions
  • Exchanges among professionals at an international level
  • Informative blog and worldwide monitoring of teaching
  • Testing of new teaching technologies
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Brain Core rates vary according to the solutions and the chosen status. It is best that you request a quote without obligation on your part, depending on your needs and personal projects.

Schools that are licensed to use the “Brain Core Lab” label benefit from considerable reductions. If you are interested in this approach, please contact the respective country manager in order to consult the requirements for participating in the “Brain Core Lab Adventure.”

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