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Upgrade your school and empower your students to succeed with BrainCore: neuropedagogy-based innovative system!

BrainCore Platform

BrainCore platform allows teachers to see detailed reports of each student. While using the platform teachers can compare a wide range of dimensions, including unique NAD® values, strengths and weaknesses of each individual, emotional indicators and many others! It also shows Most Urgent Interventions for every student and brings individual solutions for each problem!

BrainCore Platform Is An Ultimate Help For Teachers:

  • gives teachers access to the information concerning each student, as well as a whole group of students from different classes
  • shows problems and difficulties of each pupil, indicating its level (high, medium or low) and propose adequate solutions
  • allows teacher to see the most common difficulties of all students
  • provides Grouping Tool - excellent help in building small groups of students working together during the classes
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Why does your school need BrainCore?


  • Innovative multi-dimensional approach in pedagogy
  • Scientific precision in diagnosis
  • Latest discoveries related to the theory of brain plasticity


  • Allows every student to get an individual cognitive profile and customized learning path
  • Shows how to transform learning difficulties of each pupil into potentials
  • Helps students to realize their academic goals faster and easier


  • Provides the diagnosis for the school
  • Guarantees the achievement of the best educational results
  • Increases productivity of teachers

Take a Test and Learn About Your Profile

BrainCore is a diagnostic tool, that has been created by our experienced team of scientists and psychologists, inspired by the latest researchers in neuroscience and cognitive pedagogy. Thanks to this knowledge, they developed the Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD®), which is able to draw up individualized reports and creates a unique representation of the cognitive reflexes taking place in the brain. They constantly develop and refine the science behind our technology, to help you understand more about how your brain functions in everyday life.

Ask Your Students To Take Braincore Test
Ask Your Students To Take Braincore Test
Our innovative BrainCore test is:
  • Professional and reliable
  • Secure and confidential
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Disponible online at any time
  • Adapted to all devices
Get Precise Results For Each Student
Get Precise Results For Each Student
BrainCore delivers results immediately, including:
  • Unique 5 NAD® values, individual for each user, explaining how student transfers and adapts the knowledge
  • Strong and weak points of every pupil
  • Emotional indicators
  • Psychometric dimensions
Obtain The Key To Academic Success Of Your Students
Obtain The Key To Academic Success Of Your Students
BrainCore helps to achieve the academic goals easier, by:
  • Pointing out Most Urgent Interventions teacher shall undertake to help the students
  • Proposing individual solutions for each problem of every pupil
  • Helping to organize the classes according to the students NAD® values, which improves their learning skills

Cognitive Profiling

BrainCore identifies the cognitive profile of every user, which helps to respect learning specificities of each student and suggest intervention methods for an individual or for a “classroom“ type group. Designing a cognitive profile allowed for a tailor-made framework and coaching that sped up the transfer into Long-Term Memory. Cognitive profiling permits fine programming of educational pathways. The teacher becomes an activator of semantic competence networks.


  • Enjoys a great deal of freedom and gives the impression of being somewhat independent
  • Can abandon a project rather quickly, for lack of personal motivation
  • Has good communication skills and does not refuse an argumentative exercise
  • Gets better results when the effectiveness of proposed framework is high
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  • Is efficient in work, thanks to excellent personal discipline
  • Needs to put effort into communicating with others
  • May feel some awkwardness, even shyness while speaking in public, prefers discretion
  • Usually achieves their goals thanks to working hard and being resilient
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  • Generally demonstrates great difficulty in finding personal motivation for effort
  • Acknowledges a need for individualized and sustained support
  • Seeks to develop self- esteem and self-confidence
  • Appreciates following the instructions
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  • Has a natural tendency to communicate and to take a stance
  • Generally shows low self-confidence and self-belief
  • Often has solid ideas and likes to defend them in front of the others
  • May become discouraged very quickly and hastily hide behind a state of dissatisfaction
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  • Is not fond of control while working
  • Generally shows a certain ease in communication and assertiveness
  • Views defense of ideas as a principle and regularly puts it into practice
  • Lacks self-discipline when major effort is required
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  • Has good communication skills
  • Views social relationships as an important element in the knowledge acquisition phase
  • Often tries to avoid putting too much effort while working
  • May have problems with understanding a purpose and duration of a given task
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  • Demonstrates a great deal of autonomy in performing tasks assigned
  • Has good communication and reasoning skills
  • May be less efficient due to a high compliance to interact
  • Has a tendency of being dispersed, thus some projects may be jeopardized
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  • Generally shows a significant lack of self-confidence
  • Has little interest in confronting ideas
  • Can be often found in confused, wait-and-see attitude
  • Must be able to progress every day for not to become discouraged
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Proactive Approaches

The innovativeness of our approach has its roots in the fusion of technologies, between neuroinformatics, neuroscience, and neuropedagogy.

Scientific Research

Through the emergence of new findings in neuroscience, in neuroinformatics, and the increasing Big Data phenomenon, we have gathered valuable information in our own research laboratory. Our analysis led us to the creation of a statistical measurement unit NAD®, with N measuring the potential energy of the cognitive transfer activation, A and D represents catalytic values related to educational activities. The contribution of a Machine Learning system made it possible to apply this model to over two thousand students till now.

Individualized Report

Our system generates individual result immediately after completing the test by the student, providing a wide range of dimensions, including unique NAD® values, strong and weak points, emotional indicators and many others. BrainCore proposes also a career aptitude test helping students to choose the best educational path for them.


Our coaching sessions in schools and educational institutions are accomplished with systemic rigor, focusing on each individual’s potential. We regard every establishment as an ecosystem unto itself, which must take the fundamental step of finding its own coordination before undertaking any developments.

All teachers using BrainCore confirm - IT WORKS!

Our innovative system based on neurosciences shows to people how their brain processes the received knowledge. Thus, the system provides individual solutions to each user, permitting them to accelerate their learning processes. The schools and centers using BrainCore Education enhance their pedagogy through personalization of teaching approaches. They manage the students’ educational pathways in a project mode. This fosters the growth of individual potential that is both effective and respectful of personal learning paces.

Network of Partner Schools, a Synergy Conducive for Research

For over a year now, we have built a network of partners who are involved in the development of our teaching resources. We built a digital laboratory (Forum) that cross-references the experiences of each institution coming from a range of different backgrounds. Each school participates in data collection using cognitive psychology and pedagogy based approaches from a broad-spectrum sampling (adults, industry, children, adolescents, scientists, and teachers). The diverse origins of the project actors (France, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium) allow us to test our approach in culturally specified clusters. The result is information networking, sharing of experiences, enriching on-going international trainings. The versatility of the researchers involved is a significant asset for the analysis of issues related to the educational needs that await our civilization in its important conversion phase to WEB 4.0.

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What People Say About Us

"BrainCore offers me a new vision of my pedagogical approach. Thanks to BrainCore one student is an exclusive and unique pedagogical identity"

- Ana B., Teacher, Nemesis School, Switzerland

"BrainCore allows the teacher to have a different approach to education through the knowledge of the student’s potential and capabilities."

- Evich M. Teacher/ Pôle Formation Compétences Cipen, Arles, France

"BrainCore allows the development of interpersonal skills and cognitive strategies in response to different situations. Students are becoming more active and engaged during class. BrainCore helps in deepening the young person's knowledge of himself, his capacities as well as his role and function in a group."

- Dominique T., Teacher CFAI, Istres, France

"BrainCore allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses, to learn how to plan your organization, to know how to work. It also helps me to better manage my emotions and frustration."

- May-Sara I., 16 years old student, Nemesis School in Switzerland

"Thanks to BrainCore, our son knows himself better and can use his strengths in his learning. As parents, this allows us to find the right way to encourage him and motivate him to learn."

- Véronique D., Mother of Student from Nemesis School, Switzerland

"BrainCore is a great tool which I had a chance to use while working with students. Many of them were extremely surprised when they have discovered at the end of their educational path how they learn or do not learn and what else they could do to fully use their potential and operate in a more effective way in their professional life. As social skills trainer and coach, a psychologist working with teachers on many occasions I truly recommend BrainCore."

- Tomasz W., Psychologists

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