Braincore Was Created in 2007 and Can Be Considered as a Spin-Off of Nemesis School in Switzerland That Has a Yearly Enrollment Rate of One Hundred Students, All From Very Different Social and Intellectual Backgrounds

This school had to address specific needs in order to treat each learning issue as a project in and of itself. The ultimate goal was that of providing an educational approach and a detailed program for each student. Experimental observation in situ has made it possible to define categories, to validate solutions through field confirmation, and lastly, to innovate in the search for diagnostic automation and performance monitoring.

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BrainCore Team

The innovativeness of our approach has its roots in the fusion of knowledge from different fields, between neuroinformatics, neuroscience, and neuropedagogy.

Jean-Jacques Martin

CEO / Founder of BrainCore and Nemesis School

Has extensive experience in the field of education, particularly in neuro pedagogy. He has led numerous international projects in companies and universities to which he has brought an innovative vision in the development of human skills. A successful researcher and entrepreneur, he has assembled a multidisciplinary team of scientists who offer BrainCore its current specificity, building a bridge between the world of artificial intelligence and pedagogical neuroscience.

Alexandre Frochaux

EPFL Mathematician

Has been working for more than 15 years in the world of pedagogy. He was able to combine his teaching experience and scientific training to participate in BrainCore's neuro-educational research from the very beginning. He is in charge of the integration of artificial intelligence in the service of human development.

Wiesław Talik

PhD in Psychology

Lecturer & researcher at The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, business psychologist, career advisor, coach, and trainer. For 2 years has been collaborating with BrainCore Switzerland in development of psychometrical methods to diagnose cognitive, social, behavioral functions of learning.

Lydia Nikasinovic

Phd in Pharmacy and Public Health

Has been a university lecturer since 2004. A graduate of the University of Paris Descartes, with a double doctorate in pharmacy and public health, she specializes in epidemiology. She began her teaching and research career at the University of Paris Descartes for ten years before joining the University of Lille where she teaches public health. Her current research focuses on the developmental origin of health and diseases related to environmental exposure, through observational and interventional epidemiological studies. Within the BrainCore project, she has been leading epidemiological research in the area of Web influence on human brain.

Tomasz Waleczko

Psychologist, Certified Coach of the Polish Psychology Society

He has spent over 14,000 hours in the training room, developing a variety of soft skills. For 10 years teacher of psychology at the SWPS University of Social Science and Humanity in Wroclaw and at the Tischner European University in Krakow. He has designed several social skills development programs for youth. Since 2 years in close cooperation with BrainCore, in the R&D department, focusing on research (pedagogical, psychological and sociological) and developing solutions for students and teachers.

Sławomir Prusakowski

Psychologist, Coach and Lecturer at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities

Interested in motivation and relations in education. He has an important role in the development of BrainCore and adapting it to the Polish market. Also, he helps to collect indispensable data and calibrate the dimensions within that innovative system.

Arkadiusz Brzeziński

Certified trainer of School of Business Trainers and Personnel Advisors in Krakow

He was involved in the creation and implementation of social and educational projects. In the years 2000 – 2017 he managed almost 30 national and international programs, created for children and young people. He also co-created life skills development programs for students of vocational education schools. Thanks to his collaboration, BrainCore is developing « Edu Parents » project - a new software capable to advise parents in their mission of education.

Proactive Approaches

The innovativeness of our approach has its roots in the fusion of knowledge from different fields, between neuroinformatics, neuroscience, and neuropedagogy.

Scientific Research

Our analysis led us to the creation of a statistical measurement unit NAD®, with N measuring the potential energy of the cognitive transfer activation, A and D represents catalytic values related to educational activities. The contribution of a Machine Learning system made it possible to apply this model to over two thousand students till now.

Individualized Report

Our system generates individual result immediately after completing the test by the student, providing a wide range of dimensions, including unique NAD ® values, strong and weak points, emotional indicators and many others. BrainCore proposes also a career aptitude test helping students to choose the best educational path for them.


Our coaching sessions in schools and companies are accomplished with systemic rigor, focusing on each individual’s potential.

Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD)

The fruit of our fifteen years of work is a computational model supported by artificial intelligence, which we called Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD). Our researchers have combined their skills to create a reliable and completely revolutionary analytical tool. NAD creates a unique representation of the cognitive reflexes taking place in the brain, and helps the BrainCore software to develop an individual progress strategy for each user.

BrainCore allows users to discover their individual NAD® values - unique and precise reflection of their cognitive skills. In BrainCore we know that your brain -like you- is one of a kind!

What People Say About Us

"BrainCore offers me a new vision of my pedagogical approach. Thanks to BrainCore one student is an exclusive and unique pedagogical identity"

- Ana B., Teacher, Nemesis School, Switzerland

"BrainCore allows the teacher to have a different approach to education through the knowledge of the student’s potential and capabilities."

- Evich M. Teacher/ Pôle Formation Compétences Cipen, Arles, France

"BrainCore allows the development of interpersonal skills and cognitive strategies in response to different situations. Students are becoming more active and engaged during class. BrainCore helps in deepening the young person's knowledge of himself, his capacities as well as his role and function in a group."

- Dominique T., Teacher CFAI, Istres, France

"BrainCore allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses, to learn how to plan your organization, to know how to work. It also helps me to better manage my emotions and frustration."

- May-Sara I., 16 years old student, Nemesis School in Switzerland

"Thanks to BrainCore, our son knows himself better and can use his strengths in his learning. As parents, this allows us to find the right way to encourage him and motivate him to learn."

- Véronique D., Mother of Student from Nemesis School, Switzerland

"BrainCore is a great tool which I had a chance to use while working with students. Many of them were extremely surprised when they have discovered at the end of their educational path how they learn or do not learn and what else they could do to fully use their potential and operate in a more effective way in their professional life. As social skills trainer and coach, a psychologist working with teachers on many occasions I truly recommend BrainCore."

- Tomasz W., Psychologists

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