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  • Test Braincore
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  • Test Braincore
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  • Helpful solutions for students
  • Application for parents
  • Personal coaching

Personal Development

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What Does Our Service Do?

Our innovative system based on neurosciences shows to people how their brain processes the received knowledge. Thus, the system provides individual solutions to each user, permitting them to increase their cognitive capacities. This process helps to understand and to relate to the surrounding more effectively and improve functioning in everyday life.



BrainCore helps to identify the cognitive capacities of students, together with their needs, strengths, professional predispositions and:

  • Allows every student to get an individual cognitive profile and customized learning path
  • Shows how to transform learning difficulties of each pupil into potentials
  • Helps students to realize their academic goals faster and easier


BrainCore is an innovative and remarkable tool, allowing schools to implement excellent learning strategy, which:

  • Provides the diagnosis for the school
  • Guarantees the achievement of the best educational results
  • Increases productivity of teachers
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BrainCore is a predictive tool, that:

  • Lets managers know the potential of future employees before they hire them
  • Maximizes ROI by matching the right job with the right candidate


BrainCore is an ultimate business management tool, designed to:

  • Manage human resource performance
  • Reduce turnover of employees by increasing job satisfaction
  • Develop an employee’s career path
  • Identify performance gap of employees
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Personal Development


BrainCore helps to identify the cognitive capacities of every user, together with their needs, strengths and professional predispositions and:

  • Allows everyone to get an individual cognitive profile and customized development path
  • Has a real impact on every aspect of the user’s life, by improving communication skills, enhancing relationships and boosting productivity
  • Helps user to get better organized, improve self-management and transform weaknesses into potentials


BrainCore is an innovative tool, that helps parents to boost cognitive capabilities of their children, and:

  • Lets parents understand the way their children learn
  • Points out academic strengths and weaknesses of the kid
  • Proposes individual solutions for each problem, explaining parents how they can help their child improve at school
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BrainCore Platform

Our innovative system based on neurosciences shows to people how their brain processes the received knowledge. Thus, the system provides individual solutions to each user, permitting them to increase their cognitive capacities. This process helps to understand and to relate to the surrounding more effectively and improve functioning in everyday life.

BrainCore platform allows teacher, coaches and managers see detailed reports of each person invited by them to take BrainCore test. While using the platform they can compare a wide range of dimensions, including unique NAD ® values, strengths and weaknesses of each individual, emotional indicators and many others! It also shows Most Urgent Interventions for every person and brings individual solutions for each problem!

BrainCore platform shows problems and difficulties of each person/group, indicating its level –high, medium or low- and propose adequate solutions. It provides also Grouping Tool-excellent help in « team building », selecting small groups of people according to their profiles, which makes them work together in the most efficient way.

We are currently developing our platform by equipping it with new algorithms capable of measuring the potential deformation of memory areas involved in the learning activities and while handling job tasks. In fact, through the diversification of training sites such as the in-person group training, individual coaching, theoretical support, we create a synergy between the various cognitive activators.

BrainCore platform proposes an innovative approach in the follow up of each individual and different steps, that should be taken into account while working with a person or with a group of people. Combining the interventions permits modulation of actions and types of neural stimulation. The effects on brain plasticity are evaluated and used to generate new development strategies based on the results obtained.

Take a Test and Learn About Your Profile

BrainCore is a diagnostic tool, that has been created by our experienced team of scientists and psychologists, inspired by the latest researchers in neuroscience and cognitive pedagogy. Thanks to this knowledge, they developed the Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD®), which is able to draw up individualized reports and creates a unique representation of the cognitive reflexes taking place in the brain. They constantly develop and refine the science behind our technology, to help you understand more about how your brain functions in everyday life.

In BrainCore we know that you are unique! Try our test and get your individual results!

Start Your Test
Start Your Test
Our innovative BrainCore test is:
  • Professional and reliable
  • Secure and confidential
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Disponible online at any time
  • Adapted to all devices
Get your unique results
Get your unique results
BrainCore delivers results immediately, including:
  • Unique 5 NAD ® values, individual for everyone, explaining how user transfers and adapts the knowledge
  • Strong and weak points
  • Emotional indicators
  • Psychometric dimensions
Boost Up Your Brain!
Boost Up Your Brain!
BrainCore is an ultimate tool for self-development, that:
  • Explains you how your brain functions
  • Assist you in achieving your goals faster and easier
  • Helps you to become the best version of yourself!

Unique Solution For Actual Problems

Lack of understanding of the brain functions has been lately reinforced by a sudden and unexpected change in the behavior of people, caused by the WEB revolution. BrainCore, an innovative system based on neuroscience, helps people to analyze how their brain processes received information.


Unique and Immediate Vision of Individual Cognitive Profile

Our system generates individual result immediately after completing the test by the student, providing a wide range of dimensions, including unique NAD ® values, strong and weak points, emotional indicators and many others. BrainCore proposes also a career aptitude test helping students to choose the best educational path for them.

Simple Solutions for Teachers and Students

Our platform gives teachers access to the information concerning each student, as well as a whole group of students from different classes. It shows problems and difficulties of each pupil, indicating its level –high, medium or low- and propose adequate solutions, that can be used during every class. BrainCore platform allows teachers to see also the most common difficulties of all students and provide Grouping Tool- excellent help in building small groups of students working together during classes.

Coaching in Schools

Our coaching sessions in schools and educational institutions are accomplished with systemic rigor, focusing on each individual’s potential. We regard every establishment as an ecosystem unto itself, which must take the fundamental step of finding its own coordination before undertaking any developments.

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Accurate responds to the recruitment challenges faced by companies nowadays

A company’s competitiveness depends on its innovativeness and its organizational structure. In today’s world, integrating the coming generations who have been raised in the digital era is no easy feat, and requires skillful management in order to achieve the greatest synergies within a group. BrainCore is a predictive recruitment tool, created to let you know the potential of your employees before you hire them and to help you to match the right job with the right candidate.

Effective tool to increase employee productivity and motivation

Higher employee productivity is the main concern of a successful business. When employees are distracted and unhappy, their work isn’t satisfying for the company. When employees experience problems, they don’t perform to their highest potential. BrainCore discovers employees full potential and gives advice on how to develop an employee’s career path. It also helps managers to reduce turnover of employees by increasing job satisfaction and to monitor and measure their actual performance.

Excellent assist for Dynamic Team-Building

Bringing a group of diverse individuals together to form a team can generate problems like lack of leadership, role confusion, and poor communication, which are the most common causes of project failure. BrainCore proposes solutions for successful teamwork, supports team-building programs and identify departments or teams requiring further interventions. Within a working group, the BrainCore method considerably increases a company’s creative capacity and, in turn, its innovative power.

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Personal Development

Personal Coaching

BrainCore qualified specialist can help you to maximize your potential during individual meeting on-line or in person.Thanks to precise BrainCore results, our personal coach can help you to meet your goals and develop yourself.

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BrainCore Was Created in 2007 and Can Be Considered as a Spin-Off of Nemesis School in Switzerland That Has a Yearly Enrolment Rate of One Hundred Students, All of Very Different Social and Intellectual Backgrounds.

This school had to address specific needs in order to treat each learning issue as a project in and of itself. The ultimate goal was that of providing an educational approach and a detailed program for each student. Experimental observation in situ has made it possible to define categories, to validate solutions through field confirmation, and lastly, to innovate in the search for diagnostic automation and performance monitoring.

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What People Say About Us

"BrainCore offers me a new vision of my pedagogical approach. Thanks to BrainCore one student is an exclusive and unique pedagogical identity"

- Ana B., Teacher, Nemesis School, Switzerland

"BrainCore allows the teacher to have a different approach to education through the knowledge of the student’s potential and capabilities."

- Evich M. Teacher/ Pôle Formation Compétences Cipen, Arles, France

"BrainCore allows the development of interpersonal skills and cognitive strategies in response to different situations. Students are becoming more active and engaged during class. BrainCore helps in deepening the young person's knowledge of himself, his capacities as well as his role and function in a group."

- Dominique T., Teacher CFAI, Istres, France

"BrainCore allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses, to learn how to plan your organization, to know how to work. It also helps me to better manage my emotions and frustration."

- May-Sara I., 16 years old student, Nemesis School in Switzerland

"Thanks to BrainCore, our son knows himself better and can use his strengths in his learning. As parents, this allows us to find the right way to encourage him and motivate him to learn."

- Véronique D., Mother of Student from Nemesis School, Switzerland

"BrainCore is a great tool which I had a chance to use while working with students. Many of them were extremely surprised when they have discovered at the end of their educational path how they learn or do not learn and what else they could do to fully use their potential and operate in a more effective way in their professional life. As social skills trainer and coach, a psychologist working with teachers on many occasions I truly recommend BrainCore."

- Tomasz W., Psychologists

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