Nemesis School, Switzerland, GCSEs, and baccalaureate program

Most students reach the targets related to complex Baccalaureate examinations with genuine time savings, such as the completion of a five-year curriculum in just three years of study. The strict implementation of the method yields a 100% success rate. The school guarantees its training for that matter.

Ecole PFC, Arles, France, vocational baccalaureate program

Since the success rate is already 100%, we have focused our analysis on the drop-out rate for this adult program, mainly for reintegration into a one-year accelerated program. The drop-out rate has gone from 25% to 10% and will probably reach 5% in 2019. We were also able to apply this model to marginalised individuals who wanted to acquire basic training. The VirtuArles project has enabled 24 people to acquire training in real- time 3D programming in less than 9  months– a first in France. This model is now used to create other professional integration projects. Designing a cognitive profile allowed for a tailor-made framework and coaching that sped up the transfer into Long-Term Memory.

CFAI School, Istres, France, Technical Baccalaureate program, Bachelor

The trial was first conducted in a team of 5 instructors and 20 students. The use of BrainCore Education made it possible to map out the unsolvable educational problems that resulted in a high dropout rate and a loss of motivation on the part of the teaching staff.

After one year of use, there was a decrease in the drop-out rate proportional to that of the Arles teams and a considerable increase in teacher motivation. More than 20 volunteers subsequently received BrainCore Education training and now use the tool on more than 300 students with the aim of applying the process to 2,500 students by 2019.

*According to the teachers using BrainCore


teachers would like to continue using BrainCore in the next school year.



teachers confirmed that the project allows better planning of activities.



teachers consider BrainCore as a important help for students in effective learning and in increasing theirs capacities.



teachers noticed the real changes in the class room : effective time management, better understanding of the content, bravery in public speaking, team building.


*Teachers from schools in Switzerland, France, and Poland