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Develop, catalyze, and strengthen aptitudes through cognitive pedagogy

In 2007, we founded Brain Core in order to affirm our commitment throughout establishments of any size, with a single aim in mind: placing the individual at the very core of management so that he may discover an enriching seedbed that fosters his development, catalyzes skill development and that he may, in turn, strengthen the competitiveness of the establishment.

Proactive approaches

Scientific research

Through the emergence of new findings in neuroscience, in neuroinformatics, and the increasing Big Data phenomenon, we have gathered valuable information in our own research laboratory. As a matter of fact, the advent of “Brain Core Business” and “Brain Core Education” is predicated on our analyses!

Individualized reports

We have developed the Neuro Activated Diagnostic® (NAD). Owing to the use of computational models of neurons paired with psychometric data in particular, we are able to draw up individualized reports on teaching procedures.

Coaching in schools and companies

Our coaching sessions in SMEs, multinationals, micro-companies, start-ups, and educational institutions are accomplished with systemic rigor, focusing on each individual’s potential. We regard every establishment as an ecosystem unto itself, which must take the fundamental step of finding its own coordination before undertaking any developments.

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BrainCore Solutions

Opposite predictive tools such as psychometric tests, the Brain Core and Brain Force softwares show unprecedented originality. Indeed, as concerns the evaluation of academic difficulties, they provide a quick and extremely reliable diagnostic. These solutions have been tested for several years in pedagogical laboratories (private schools) in Switzerland and in France.

The inovativeness of our approach has its roots in the fusion of technologies, between neuroinformatics, neuroscience, and neuropedagogy.

The development of a “School Laboratory” network has made possible the verification of our methods on over a thousand students with diversified profiles and different countries of origin.

In an educational context, the values measured by the Brain Core indicators permit the indexing of individualized teaching outlines right in the classroom.

These indicators offer students the possibility to identify their cognitive barriers as well as their semantic integration reflexes. In both cases, the Brain Core method provides a real opportunity to accelerate and optimize the knowledge transfer axes in order to set up the foundation for genuine critical thinking.

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In the business world, whether for a manager or an employee, the phenomenon lies in the increase and harmonization of the skills of all actors within the professional establishment.

This approach allows for incentivisation itself, a much stronger principle than the reductionist view that is fostered by a process of internal competition.

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Brain Force One offers an optimized monitoring of academic progression throughout the learning process. The key actors involved in the training are linked through this software that may be consulted directly online. The project is defined through an analysis of the individual student’s needs and potential.
It offers the following functions:


  • Goal-oriented planning of pedagogical intervention procedures
  • Systematic monitoring of the students’ progression via an alert system
  • Facilitation of the teacher’s examination load
  • Self-assessment and performance index for the establishment

Brain Force also has an E-Learning portal that supports classroom learning and acts as a tool for optimizing teaching processes.

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